How MHS Education Change My Life

Perspective can either hurt your ego or motivate you.  Also, how you take feedback from others to make a change can be a positive experience. 

We Are Designed To Heal Ourselves

In my years as a hypnotist specializing in weight loss I discovered a lot along the way. As I watched my clients change their diets to lose weight, I also observed that most of them reduced or completely eliminated the need for medications.

The Power in Learning, Rehearsing, and Training

One way to view hypnosis and NLP is that it is a process of training far more than any type of therapy. One view held by a few experts is verbal therapy as it is seen in many types of counseling and psychotherapy may be a bit of a myth.

Letting go of Self-Sabotaging Habits

People are always asking how to prevent self sabotage in life after making changes. Well, a frequent truth is that often the culprit that sabotages people is actually never creating an adult strategy for social situations, and relationships that is elegant and mature.

Interrupting Navigate Anchors and the importance of it

Anchors can be useful for the future or un-useful. An anchor is a sound, sight, taste, touch or smell that happens when you are in a certain emotional state of mind or mood. The more unique the sensory experience and the more intense the emotion the more likely that the trigger of the emotion will be repeated when the trigger happens in the future.