We Are Designed To Heal Ourselves

In my years as a hypnotist specializing in weight loss I discovered a lot along the way.  As I watched my clients change their diets to lose weight, I also observed that most of them reduced or completely eliminated the need for medications.  

It’s amazing how much food effects not only our weight, mood and energy but that many more issues were resolved as well. Clients saw fatty tumors disappear, they were taken off of blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, mood stabilizers and pain medications by their doctors as they went through their programs.  

The fact is all animal products, sugar and starches cause acid in the body that causes us to make fat, tumors, joint pain and an array of other illnesses.  Negative emotions cause the same thing.  Fear, anger, worry, loneliness also create acid in the body that turns into gout, rheumatism, arthritis and etc.

With enough alkaline to neutralize the acid we can heal miraculously!  Alkaline comes from grapefruit, lemons, limes and all dark green vegetables.  When clients saw food as healing agents instead of dieting their outlook changed and in turn their health changed.

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Heather McFall has helped thousands of clients since 2003 and is currently the owner of Lake Hypnosis in Lady Lake.