You’re Worth It !

How To Keep Your Financial and Personal Stability and Still Be Generous, Successful and Balanced

Just as a table must stand on four legs to be balanced and stable we must  consider balance in our lives. Physical, spiritual, financial and romantic  needs must be met equally to have balance. If you are sacrificing one to  accomplish the other you will only be able to rob Peter to pay Paul for a limited time.

We all know this but following it may take conscious  effort before it becomes habit. Take this moment right now to check in  with all four legs of your table to be sure it is secure enough to stand  firm. 

1. Are you physically where you want to be? What can you do to  improve your health all the way around? (Food, Activity, unhealthy  habits like alcohol, smoking, bad posture, poor sleep) 

Examples of these sacrifices are as simple as skipping meals, sleep or  physical activity rather than scheduling it into your day or using caffeine  to wake and other substances to sleep. 

2. Are you spiritually connected and accountable to something greater  than you with a sense of purpose? Are you on your mission or just  killing time? 

Spiritual sacrifice is letting prayer, self hypnosis, self improvement or  keeping positive people to model in your awareness fall to the way side. 

3. Are your romance needs being met? Married? In a relationship? How  connected is it? If single how long has it been since you connected  sincerely with someone, are you avoiding it? 

Romantic sacrifice is harmful to not only yourself but the  commitment you made to the person you’ve dedicated yourself to.  When the romance is sacrificed it compromises the spiritual and  physical. Never underestimate the power of a good laugh, holding hands  or a quiet still hug. Having someone like this in your life provides a safety and security. That lack of security may go unnoticed if distracted  by the other priorities; slowly taking more toll than you would expect. 

4. Financial balance is the purpose of this lesson and our major focus  here. Do you have at least 2 to 3 years worth of income in the bank  and accessible to you? Do you have financial freedom so risk isn’t so  risky? What percentage are you limiting yourself to monthly or  annually for charitable or generous actions, have you compromised  yourself for others? Are you caring for yourself equal to every one  else? 

 When you live above your means obviously the stress of needing to  create the income can cause your other needs to be compromised. On the  other hand, living well but over spending on others, things or places can  

cause similar strain. You are worth the money you earn and how you  care for yourself tells your subconscious your value.  

Just as we should speak positively about ourselves and keep promises to  ourselves we must also do for ourselves equally as we would do for  others. What percentage of your income goes to taxes? What percentage  goes to your church or charity? What percentage goes to your business  expenses or overhead? Your annual savings should match your taxes at  least. 

When you are in touch with your body, spirit, romance and finances  equally you are creating belief and esteem in yourself. Keep promises to  yourself as sincerely as you would to anyone else and your subconscious  will value you equally to others. Consciously make your choices as you  

equally do for others. That could mean being more considerate of  yourself or maybe you need to be more considerate of others. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Let’s visit that.  When you’re being generous how would you feel on the receiving end?  Guilty, indebted, disrespected, or seen as incapable or less successful?  Would you prefer to have someone raise you up rather than help you to  become more in need or indebted? Does your conscience keep you from  taking too much from a generous person or do you succumb to greed?  Either way, step into the other shoes when making any financial or 

gifting decision. Dove tailed outcomes or mutually achieving a goal  provides ideal advantage. This strategy perpetuates success and  eliminates the feeling of being disrespected or taken advantage of.  

I went to a child’s birthday party at an indoor play place. I was amazed  by the beautiful green turf on the indoor soccer field. I was instantly  curious to touch it. The turf was clean, forgiving to fall on and didn’t  

need to be maintained at all. When I mentioned it to one of the Dad’s he  told me a wonderful story that I would never forget. The man who  designed this soccer field turf had no money but a great idea. He stained  shredded old tires green and packed it down to make a forgiving low  maintenance indoor turf. To start his business he needed the resources to  build his product. Meanwhile the old tire disposal costs were getting  more and more expensive as pollution laws grew tighter. The tire store  owner was finding his profits being squeezed. As this young man  approached him with his idea asking to take the used tires off of his  hands the tire store owner was relieved of the transport and disposal  costs and the young new inventor was given resources to build his new  business. As long as they each are successful the others business grows.  Having someone’s success benefit from your success creates beneficial  generosity.  

The greatest example of dove tailed outcome generosity was “will work  for food.” That old original, if used honestly, would have been beautiful  dove tailing with an easy path out of poverty into financial freedom as  an independent business owner and their first customer. 

Do you get the idea that money is for storing up choices. If you don’t  store up money you do not store up the options you will want for later.  For most people this means that no matter how much pay they get they  

manage to spend it anyway. In order to get control of the financial  destiny in your life… most people need to start by taking 5-10% of what  they make and stick it into an account that they pretend does not exist.  Notice I did not say that the account was for an emergency or for a rainy  day… I said it doesn’t exist. The point is that the account grows and  begins to be the financial seed corn that allows you to plant the financial  crops of your future. Because you learn that a dime out of every buck 

is not that much to sock away and that you are in control of what Robert  Toru Kiyosaki say’s is paying yourself first You then can feel in control  of the financial world within your life. All of a sudden you are not a  reactionary to bills and needs, etc. You are the captain of your ship. The  financial obligations around you are not your captain, you are the one in  charge of your life and this definitely includes money. 

So if you usually used your financial success to give too much away  then it is time to grow your stability so that you have more to give.  Giving till it hurts does not mean giving more effectively. If it is really  about helping the other people involved it is always better to, “Teach  them to fish” not give them your fish. This is an important part of your  financial success if you are bit too much of a giver…It is easier to help  people if you have massive resources at your disposal than if you are  struggling. Kinda like if you can swim well and you are not currently  drowning, it is easier to assist a swimmer in trouble. 


Welcome to You’re Worth It, a hypnosis session to help create self worth  as a reflection of your finances and enjoyment of responsibly spending  and saving money. 

This audio program is to be used in a quiet place where you can close  your eyes and rest for 20 to 30 minutes undisturbed.  

If you are ready settle in to a position where you are fully supported so  that if you let loose completely your body would comfortably flop into  that position.  

Now, take a deep breath and let go of all your muscles, that’s right. 

Begin by tightening the muscles of your feet…tight….tight….tight and  release….that’s right, just feel the blood flow and muscles let go. Now  tighten your shins and calves..tight….tight…..tight hold it hold it, and  release ….that’s right now tighten your thighs tight ….tight….tight and  release. Feeling the blood flow…now tighten your abdomen and lower  back… tight …tight….tight… and release….This time as you tighten 

squeeze your arms, make fists, tight tight tight…hold it and release feel  the humming vibration in your hands. Now, tighten your whole body  from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head, fists, clenching  tight tight tight even you lips your scalp tight tight tight…. and release,  that’s right. Just feel that release as I count from 10 to 1 you can drift  deeper and heavier. Just imagine a chalkboard like when you were a  child in school. See the number 10 written on the board and erase it  away and drift deeper… just a chalky eraser mark 9 deeper and deeper  relaxed…8 erasing it away…. 7 remembering to forget and forgetting to  remember…6 numbers just lines and shapes now….5 already starting to  fade and drift away 4 really letting go now 3… erasing it away 2 just  faded chalky cloudy and 1 deep deep deep relaxation, letting it all go  now. 

You’ve now become so deeply relaxed that your subconscious mind is  open and receptive to easier, safer, more entertaining ways to succeed  and protect yourself. Thank your subconscious mind for protecting your  integrity, nurturing your self esteem and keeping you humble so you will  always be good. Ask your subconscious mind to think of 3 creative  ways to protect your interests as you give to others. You can only be  valuable to others when you are valuing yourself. Benefiting others as  you benefit yourself is the only loving choice. You matter, you are  enough, you are appreciated, loved, admired for you and not for what  you can give. People gaining for themselves are not about you but now  you seek out people who collaborate for mutual gain. 

As I count from 5 to 1 you’ll come back refreshed alert and inspired.  Begin noticing your fingers now, tingling moving touching 5 feeling  really good now 4 refreshed and alert as if you’ve just woken from a  

long deep sound sleep 3 feeling really good now 2 wide awake refreshed  and alert 1 eyes open feeling wonderful in every way….yaaaaay!