Mission and Objectives of the Master Hypnotist Society 

You may wonder why the people within the MHS are so passionate about the approach.  Here are some of the defining factors unique to MHS.


  • Produce personality traits that mirror master hypnotists.
  • Hypnosis as a technique began with the integration of communications skills, emotional mastery and science.  The Master Hypnotist Society has observed the damage done to the skill set of hypnotists by focusing on one over the other.  Intellectual vanity 
  • High level of skill reading the client non verbally unmatched anywhere else in the industry
  • A method to openly check accuracy of the client read
  • Provide accurate hypnosis training
  • Strict skills requirements -requiring all students to demonstrate the actions taught.
  • Promote hypnosis as a separate discipline.  Then sharing the skills through training counselors, MSW’s, Psychologists, and medical professionals.
  • Educate using  a multiple theory approach to hypnotism rather than cults of personality.
  • Insight and wisdom integration rather than only technique.
  • Demonstration of inductive reasoning and the use of method acting as a learning style in each student rather than simple deductive reasoning 
  • Client tracking through the hypnosis  programs within hypnosis practice that allow accountability. 
  • Demonstrating and promoting the ability to direct the communication style of the practitioner for impactful use of verbal and non verbal communication.   The communication skills requirement allows for accurate self awareness while instilling comfort taking both positive and corrective feedback.
  • A manual compiled by many trainers within the group to give varied insight to use in the field.

What should be true about you as a person if you pursue a career in hypnosis? 

  • You should enjoy helping people
  • You should be willing to work for yourself as well as willing to work in teams
  • You should be willing to be given feedback and directed when learning
  • You should be willing to be assisted to become more flexible.