How MHS Education Change My Life

Perspective can either hurt your ego or motivate you.  Also, how you take feedback from others to make a change can be a positive experience.  What is expected is realized.  What you really think about yourself, your goals or the failure mentality is a not only painful and stressful but may also lead you to making the many mistakes that just support your negative attitude. This negative belief system is like that feeling that you are stuck in quicksand.

If you built a belief system that things are hard to get, then your actions support this belief. This is referred to as a negative belief system.  

If you believe that good things happen when you take actions, then you are building a positive belief system.

If you expect to gain from the results you put into, you built a confident, strong, and freeing person inside and out.  You become congruent. 

Hi!  I’m Rose and the hypnotist, CEO/OWNER of Southeast Hypnosis located in Houston, TX.  I started this journey of being a hypnotist and NLP since 2015.  I bought this clinic from Julie Nise.  Julie and I have several things in common.  For one, my background is clinical, therapeutic, and family/individual counseling. 

I want to tell you a story for you to be ready for change.

Once upon a time in 2015, I was envious person.  I walked around the world being angry and jealous of happy, successful wealthy people.   I didn’t think I belonged in the class of happy people that achieved their goals.  All the many years of painful stressful, emotional eating led me to one point become 200 pounds in my small frame.  My relationship with my husband was on the brink of divorce.   My parenting style was more of a buddy and friend.  

The Perceptioneering and MHS training series doubled my income from the previous month, saved my marriage, and allowed me to chase freedom and liberation from anxiety, worry, and pressure. 

I lost 35 pounds.  What was also incredible was that I was able to enjoy my first fireworks show during the fourth of July before COVID-19 was a liberating feeling.  My public speaking skills are amazing and much more relaxed in front of the stage.  Learning how to become more independent allows my relationship with my husband a more loving and mature relationship.  My daughter respects her father and me.  My family environment is a happy and loving place to be even when we have some storms in our lives.  

Getting into gear to make achievements easy was also a breakthrough.  

This training is a blend of hypnosis and NLP. The patience and the repetitions of practice in these training allow me to have success in business and achieve a calm, wealthy mindset to take action and succeed. I’m so ready for change and thank you, Scott McFall & Master Hypnotist Society hypnotists, for this training and many other trainings that allow me to love myself with kindness and accept myself. This training saves my life and improves my life.