Letting go of Self-Sabotaging Habits

People are always asking how to prevent self sabotage in life after making changes.  Well, a frequent truth is that often the culprit that sabotages people is actually never creating an adult strategy for social situations, and relationships that is elegant and mature.   

Often, people actually are using the strategy that included jealousy, odd social clicks and that type of thing from when they were in high school or even younger.  You see this type of behavior in people all the way through their lives often.  Jealousy can be an odd lingering immaturity that floats around life with idiotic consequences.

Here are some things to know:

  • You are supposed to share all people with other people.
  • Even if you are amazing in someone’s life, no one is everything to anyone.
  • You can’t control life and if you want to control things too much you will tend to only have relationships with kids or family where you feel control instead of lots of friends where there is a little chaos.
  • Abandonment doesn’t really exist the way the nervous system thinks it does when we are kids.  It’s totally OK if you feel self accepting.
  • In order to continue to take care of yourself and make solid decisions you must assume that it’s worth it regardless of the behavior of people around you.  
  • Light relationships with good boundaries are the ones to nurture, not the ones with shared wounds or mutual self pity.
  • Even if you are around those who have a lot of accomplishments, so what. Always be self accepting, even if you are impressed.  Just get inspired instead of irritated.

Sure, there are other reasons for self sabotage, but an unrealistic expectation of others and how we interact with groups can be quite an issue.

About the Founder

About the Founder

Building a network of referring physicians and mental health professionals. He studied eastern philosophy and martial arts all while touring as a speaker and running the clinics. You may find the experimentation and elimination of fluff from techniques and theories quite useful in your training in hypnosis or NLP with MHS.

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