The Power in Learning, Rehearsing, and Training

One way to view hypnosis and NLP is that it is a process of training far more than any type of therapy.  One view held by a few experts is verbal therapy as it is seen in many types of counseling and psychotherapy may be a bit of a myth.  Perhaps a more accurate way to view life and learning is that there is only learning, rehearsing and training.  There is only more insight or learning to see things from a different view.  Certainly, in the hypnosis and perceptual world this training vs. therapy view is held close to the heart.

When Anne Sullivan worked with the functionally deaf and blind Helen Keller did she train her or do therapeutics?  The answer is she found a way to get leverage, interrupt her pattern, and then communicate through training.  This is how we all learn.  Some of us have the luxury of sight and hearing, yet still can be stubborn.

One of the most important concepts that is demonstrated by the case of training Helen Keller is that she first had to stop getting only sympathy and had to stop getting her way through anger.    The  teacher had to frustrate her desires prior to getting her to listen and learn.  Oddly, that routine is very common in all of us.  If what we think we already know seems to be working, why would we learn something else?  We would just feel right.

Some people respect learning and teaching, some respect only getting along.  Some people see the long term outcome, some are really only seeing today.

Can you back up in order to see the gifts around you that are folks who see a broader and longer view?  If you can respect that view, then it becomes yours as well.

So instead of thinking we are fixing broken people or some such thing.  Perhaps, finally, we can see that we are just teaching.  Teaching how to know the way to accept yourself.  Teaching forgiveness.  Teaching how to change physiology and the body movement first before trying to think our way out of emotions.  Teaching options for seeing first instead of just talking to ourselves in our head.  Teaching how to recognize fight, flee, or freeze responses….There are thousands of pieces of insight in any human life.  Many are learned through simple experience.  Every once in a while a person needs a few more things to get to the view they need to acquire.

“Strictly speaking, the question is not how to get cured, but how to live”  Joseph Conrad 

Instead of labeling why you are doing one thing or another, take responsibility to decide how you will do it in the future, rehearse it and make it automatic gently over time.  

There are reasons you may be assisted by an outside coach if you have a bit of an emotional routine.  There are also real conditions that do need medical doctors, psychologists or psychiatrists etc.  But, excuse factories have been born of late.  Learn instead of analyze what happened so far… just a thought.

About the Founder

About the Founder

Building a network of referring physicians and mental health professionals. He studied eastern philosophy and martial arts all while touring as a speaker and running the clinics. You may find the experimentation and elimination of fluff from techniques and theories quite useful in your training in hypnosis or NLP with MHS.

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