Advanced Hypnosis Training

As you go through the advanced Hypnosis levels of programs and training, your skills begin to translate into many areas of your life. Heather has used these skills to teach theatrical clowning at Toby’s Clown School, and in her performances at Ren Fairs.

Guilt Decoded

If you are trying to make someone feel guilty who is an adult, you are the problem (assuming you are not their coach teaching a conscience or awareness that is missing).

Attitudes, Values and Beliefs

One of the challenges that a hypnotist faces is in teaching the fact that no one makes you feel any certain way because of what they are doing.

Denial is a powerful state of mind

Denial can be about ourselves not wanting to admit guilt or blame in some way. Denial can be about not wanting to admit we were wrong about how we saw someone else.

Your Internal Map Causing You Fear..What Happens?

When people ask questions out of nowhere that are based on some type of fear, there is no way to answer the question without it making them create the fear in their mind of what they think is the truth. If theyf ear so much that they cannot notice the premise of their question is false, then you are not obliged to cave in on their assertion. This is also true of questioning yourself.

How to Get Calm Now!

Do you sometimes get consumed with anxious, panicked, or nervous feelings?  

How Free Are You?

We start our life as small children completely “dependent”. In adolescence we start to feel like our parents just don’t understand and we venture out into learning new ways of seeing life.

It Was Meant To Be

IT WAS MEANT TO BE Growing up I always knew that I was meant to be a teacher. I loved guiding people to learn. From a young age learning and learning how to teach was thrilling.  I found that as I got older I was sidelined on so many things.  Maybe my goals were too […]

How Did You Become a Hypnotist?

How Did You Become a Hypnotist? This is a question that hypnotists often hear. It’s a fair question. After all, ‘hypnotist’  is one of those professions that everybody knows somebody does, but most people  have never actually met someone who does it. There is something fascinating about it.  Hypnosis has an air of mystery and […]