Positive Healing

An emotional wound is either where healing will come into your life, or exploitation will get a hold of you.

People First, Second and Third

If you work in the business of antiques it is ok if things are your bag. What if you work in social work? Not so much. Then it would need to be people who come first.

Narcissism Definition

Narcissism Definition Pulled from a web site.  This is an important list of the traits of narcissism.  I would add one that is important in my mind.  That is an inability to do the opposite of these traits regardless of the outside evidence or lessons. Almost everyone can be in some of these traits, if […]

Modelling Errors

Modeling Errors Failing to method act the other person completely in the beginning Refusing to admit positive benefits of the model Not changing your filters and values to match the model Becoming judgmental after modeling when attempting to integrate the information, therefore throwing out important points in favor of your previous beliefs. Forgetting where you […]

Your own Senses and your Internal Agenda

Your own Senses and your Internal Agenda Your own senses and what you think is good or bad is designed by what you want to feel in the first place in your internal agenda.  This reality is very difficult to teach. Your sensory acuity (How accurately you see, feel and hear the world around you […]

Interrupting Navigate Anchors and the importance of it

Interrupting Navigate Anchors and the importance of it Anchors can be useful for the future or un-useful. An anchor is a sound, sight, taste, touch or smell that happens when you are in a certain emotional state of mind or mood. The more unique the sensory experience and the more intense the emotion the more […]

Choose your speed to where you are at in life!

Choose your speed to where you are at in life! People become used to a certain set of skills. They also become used to a specific speed of actions in their lives. The intensity of effort also is a familiar factor. When their situation changes, perhaps they have a health issue, it becomes very difficult […]

The Code of Ethics of the National Guild of Hypnotists

The Code of Ethics of the National Guild of Hypnotists​ The National Guild of Hypnotists requires its members to conform to the following ethical principles, and shall hold members accountable for any departure from them. Client Welfare: Members shall make the physical and mental well-being of each client a prime consideration. Client Safety: Members shall not engage […]

Effective Ways in Reducing Stress

Effective Ways in Reducing Stress As many of you know, I do professional and personal coaching for a variety of people.  In the last week I have seen a shocking number of normally solid and stable people that I coach experiencing extreme emotions and what looks like overwhelm. Because of this fact I want to […]

Purpose Bigger than Romance

Purpose Bigger than Romance Every week I field calls from clients who originally came to me for various motivation, however at some point they are calling about their relationships.  Here is some food for thought. Julie Nise is currently writing a new book on the subject.  I am excited to read it when she is […]