Advanced Hypnosis Training

As you go through the advanced Hypnosis levels of programs and training, your skills begin to translate into many areas of your life.  Heather has used these skills to teach theatrical clowning at Toby’s Clown School, and in her performances at Ren Fairs.  Jeff has used these skills for speaking and stage performing.  Julie used these skills on national television and to train couples in relationship stills.  Kellie is motivated within theater, and singing. I have used them in speaking, teaching, and stage hypnosis performance. 

I mention the performers first because of the percentage of people who fear public speaking.   Many of the trainers see benefits in everything from parenting their kids to getting along with their banker.

Over the years I have personally seen celebrities, CEOs, and people just starting out in life get real insight and skill.  Sometimes they worked in the field.  But often the skills were applied in the direction of a different dream.

You can see improvements in family, friends, motivation at work, management communications, fitness motivation, new routines.

How many parts of life can you impact by applying your insights from training? 

Now, more than ever you can benefit from your involvement with hypnosis, perception training, and NLP skills.