What people understand and how they are influenced

Overestimating what other people understand can be a real issue when teaching, and in personal relationships.  

We may think an individual understands a lot of life that they have not lived because of how mature or knowledgeable they are in one specific area.  We may think they have more judgment than they do because they were nice to us.  We may not know how easily they are influenced out of their views or goals because of a need for a certain kind of approval.

One example is a person who desires to lose weight and get fit, yet the family eats together to show love and the person cooking acts offended if the new fitness devotee doesn’t eat a bunch.  Does the outcome of fitness have more leverage or does the cook?

This issue can be there in so many places.  It impacts relationships, finances, fitness, ambition.  

Do you have the maturity to use others’ need for approval in a constructive way?  Do you know how to see your goals so that you know which feedback is constructive or destructive to those goals?

Whether managing self or others it is wise to take these factors into consideration.