Denial is a powerful state of mind

Denial can be about ourselves not wanting to admit guilt or blame in some way. Denial can be about not wanting to admit we were wrong about how we saw someone else.

Your Internal Map Causing You Fear..What Happens?

When people ask questions out of nowhere that are based on some type of fear, there is no way to answer the question without it making them create the fear in their mind of what they think is the truth. If theyf ear so much that they cannot notice the premise of their question is false, then you are not obliged to cave in on their assertion. This is also true of questioning yourself.

Them Vs Self (You, Your, Yours)

Can you validate that you understand someone’s comments without making a similar story or enter the conversation from your past? This is a big step in the skill of “You, your, yours” rather than “I, me, my”.

Do you see the future or past?

When you are getting to know new people there are only two reasons that you over share about others or about your past if that happens.

Boundaries – How and when to make them!

How good are you at allowing other people to decide their boundaries? How are you at letting them be as close to you as distant as their past experiences feel comfortable?

Positive Healing

An emotional wound is either where healing will come into your life, or exploitation will get a hold of you.

People First, Second and Third

If you work in the business of antiques it is ok if things are your bag. What if you work in social work? Not so much. Then it would need to be people who come first.

Narcissism Definition

Pulled from a web site. This is an important list of the traits of narcissism. I would add one that is important in my mind. That is an inability to do the opposite of these traits regardless of the outside evidence or lessons.

Modelling Errors

Failing to method act the other person completely in the beginning.