Do you see the future or past?

When you are getting to know new people there are only two reasons that you over share about others or about your past if that happens.  Reason one is you are looking for absolution or acceptance that no mortal person could have the power to grant which is sort of a young delusion.  Reason two is that you think by telling stories that are about suffering you will look right.  Otherwise, all stories about the past tend to destroy the special connections we are having with the people we care about right now.  

Can you see the present?  Can you appreciate the gifts in front of your face?  Can you stop letting nervousness or fear make you state things that recreate the thing you don’t want?  Can you actually receive the gift you are being given or are you so used to loss that you can’t keep your mouth shut and just enjoy what is being given to you?  Are you so used to being the giver that the simple vulnerability of being given to turns you into a silly wall of stupid beliefs from the past?  Did you think that to deserve love you had to be healing someone or else you didn’t have a right to it because you were healing a parent.

What if what you are being given is 1000 times more than you even thought was possible?  Should you accept the new possibility?  Or should you limit your world because of the past?

What if it is different than the people around you think but it is better?  Should you keep it a secret and protect it or should you try to convince everyone so they try to prove you wrong?  What is more important, sacred happiness or fitting in with the unhappy majority?

What if you are happy, then what the hell do you talk about…. the answer, not much because you don’t have to do it.

Giving love is a level of consciousness.  A much more advanced and scary level is actually being loved. People in real love tend to talk about right now, they tend to plan the future.  Beware people fixated on knowing your past and beware any tendency to fixate on that discussion with anyone yourself about them or you.  It might mean that the situation is a loop; they are running in fear instead of love.