People First, Second and Third

One of the most dangerous meta program filters to fail to match to goals and outcomes is 

  • People
  • Places
  • Things 
  • Tasks
  • Systems
  • Information

If you work in the business of antiques it is ok if things are your bag.  What if you work in social work?  Not so much.  Then it would need to be people who come first.

What if you are a person who needs to integrate teamwork but task filters come first so you don’t find out what everyone wants first, rather you assume and do, then there will be issues.  What if you don’t delegate because you like doing the tasks so much that you don’t correctly use your team…

What if you love information so much in grad school that you don’t do the actions to actually integrate skills, but you think knowing about it is the same thing as doing.

Habits form about which one of these categories you focus on first or second etc.  When we do one of them, sometimes it shuts off others because of how we went about it in the past.  

Keep in mind that in our profession you would need to be people first, second and third.  

Everything else is a distant fourth!