Advanced Hypnosis Training

As you go through the advanced Hypnosis levels of programs and training, your skills begin to translate into many areas of your life. Heather has used these skills to teach theatrical clowning at Toby’s Clown School, and in her performances at Ren Fairs.

How to Get Calm Now!

Do you sometimes get consumed with anxious, panicked, or nervous feelings?  

It Was Meant To Be

IT WAS MEANT TO BE Growing up I always knew that I was meant to be a teacher. I loved guiding people to learn. From a young age learning and learning how to teach was thrilling.  I found that as I got older I was sidelined on so many things.  Maybe my goals were too […]

How Did You Become a Hypnotist?

How Did You Become a Hypnotist? This is a question that hypnotists often hear. It’s a fair question. After all, ‘hypnotist’  is one of those professions that everybody knows somebody does, but most people  have never actually met someone who does it. There is something fascinating about it.  Hypnosis has an air of mystery and […]

How MHS Education Change My Life

Perspective can either hurt your ego or motivate you.  Also, how you take feedback from others to make a change can be a positive experience. 

The Power in Learning, Rehearsing, and Training

One way to view hypnosis and NLP is that it is a process of training far more than any type of therapy. One view held by a few experts is verbal therapy as it is seen in many types of counseling and psychotherapy may be a bit of a myth.