Attitudes, Values and Beliefs

One of the challenges that a hypnotist faces is in teaching the fact that no one makes you feel any certain way because of what they are doing.

Denial is a powerful state of mind

Denial can be about ourselves not wanting to admit guilt or blame in some way. Denial can be about not wanting to admit we were wrong about how we saw someone else.

Your Internal Map Causing You Fear..What Happens?

When people ask questions out of nowhere that are based on some type of fear, there is no way to answer the question without it making them create the fear in their mind of what they think is the truth. If theyf ear so much that they cannot notice the premise of their question is false, then you are not obliged to cave in on their assertion. This is also true of questioning yourself.

How Free Are You?

We start our life as small children completely “dependent”. In adolescence we start to feel like our parents just don’t understand and we venture out into learning new ways of seeing life.

Stress, Rest and Sleep Tricks To Improve Your Life

Have you ever experimented with your mind? For instance, you can look at the clock before you go to sleep and simply decide to get up at a certain time. Your subconscious will wake you up a few minutes before or right on the dot. Go ahead, try it!

Your 3 Easy Steps To Thankfulness

When we look back over our lives there are many people who influenced us. Have you really noticed what you learned from and about your Dad? If you look at your hand movements, voice tone or what you find funny you may see a little more of your Dad than you thought.

Stress vs Relaxation Response

You have a choice to how you want to handle and respond to your stress. Your choices, being optimistic and expecting great things to happen in every situation, will support your belief system- and is called the relaxation response.

Be Ready for Change

In the children’s book “Who Moved My Cheese- An Amazing Story to Change and Winning by Spencer Johnson, four friends- Hem & Haw, Stiff and Scurry lived at a maze.

Keep Plowing Forward!

It really doesn’t matter what you do, which discipline you chose, or what your intention. At this point someone will go online and fight with you about it. Someone will deceive people about your character. Someone will tell the opposite story of what happened when they were your client.