Be Ready for Change

You have a choice to how you want to handle and respond to your stress. Your choices, being optimistic and expecting great things to happen in every situation, will support your belief system- and is called the relaxation response.

The other choice is becoming a victim of a stress response. Have you heard of the fight or flight response? Well, the stress response is the same reaction.

It’s a response that triggers when your body feels like it’s in danger. It’s the same feeling that you may have felt at your first job interview, or the first presentation at your job- moments when you feel both excited and nervous at the same time.

The fight or flight response will be the same as skydiving. And when you skydive your heart rate will go up, you will feel the blood pumping in your veins. Your palms will feel sweaty. You will feel the pressure of gravity all around, as you stare into the clouds, not seeing your landing ground. You are enjoying the adrenaline rush of skydiving. The same basic feeling happens inside your nervous system when you are robbed. Emotions are confusing and are often misinterpreted in your mind and body. Your mind and body are your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind often mislabels your anxiety and blows up the danger level.

I’m Rose and I am the hypnotist at Southeast Hypnosis. When I was a baby, I left Vietnam holding my sister with my head in her chest. I still remember the nightmare of my youth, leaving Vietnam. All I remember in my dreams are the blood red skies, loud noises, and a Ferris wheel. Growing up to be an adult, I would have panic attacks every time a balloon popped. The fourth of July, with all firework celebrations, was a miserable time for me. For me to tolerate it, I had to put ear plugs in my ear, and even then, I would still have panic attacks.

When I started my training to be a hypnotist with the Master Hypnotist Society and Scott McFall and his team of hypnotists, I learned about the relaxation response. And this made me realize that this stress response was normal and helped me to label them and deal with them using hypnosis.  In my self-talk, I thought “this is crazy…you are crazy to be scared of a balloon popping”, and I felt that I was unique in my fear, and that no one else could relate to me. I felt special in keeping that fear safe.

Brad Meltzer said that “we are all ordinary…we are all boring…we are all spectacular…we are all shy…we are all helpless…it just depends on the day.” I was realizing that the fear was irrational and that I was responding to the ghost of Christmas past. Finding comfort in a deep relaxed state, help me find comfort in discomfort.  I learning to listen to my body, and not my ego. As Scott McFall was quoted to saying “you will stand up for yourself when you should, and also sometimes when you are full of it…you will cave sometimes when you are right and sometimes when you have no accurate point…it is the nature of life, “correct don’t protect” when dealing with yourself…that is the slogan Stuart Emery came up with decades ago…as long as we can change our view with more information we have a chance of relative accuracy.”

When I made it easy, it became easy. When I realized I was good at responding to all the delusional nightmares on elm street inside my head. I learned self-hypnosis to relax my body and let go and reframe the past. I let go of fear and became neutral in my response to the fireworks. I became more internally aware of what my body really needs when it is in pain or discomfort. Then I had to keep up a consistent routine, eating right, walking to take care of my body. Yes, I still do self-hypnosis and listen to my hypnosis audios. Repetition keeps me safe.

Change your environment, change your physiology. Enjoy a walk with nature, get up and move. Eat to feed and nourish your body and built a belief system by taking action to get what you want. Become an action word. Get great sleep. Have fun and adventure in your life. Have fun working hard & planning a reward when you achieve your goals. Laugh. Be playful. Have adventures with people you love. Be easy-going with yourself when you are consciously changing your behaviors to match your positive intention.

So, for the past 6 years, I kept driving to my office at Southeast Hypnosis, because my clients need the healing power of hypnosis and NLP. My stories make me laugh and I enjoy learning to do it differently next time. The mistakes are wonderful opportunities for you to learn and grow from.

Each minute of the day holds many special rewards for you. You are optimistic. You are enthusiastic. You have the power and strength to do what is best for you. You are focused and have the self-discipline to do what you need to do to get things done. You have fun and adventure in your life.  You are curious and find wonder and happiness in everything you do. You are good enough to have your mission, your purpose in your life to become a reality.

The Hero’s journey is stories meant for you to find good things happening in every situation. You are ordinary. Learning from your failure, so that you get to benefit from them.

Reference & Books to Read List:

1. Actualizations You don’t have to rehearse to Yourself Stewart Emery

2. The Relaxation Response Herbert Benson, M.D. & Miriam Z. Klipper

3. Scott McFall