Be Ready for Change

In the children’s book “Who Moved My Cheese- An Amazing Story to Change and Winning by Spencer Johnson, four friends- Hem & Haw, Stiff and Scurry lived at a maze. 

The maze is a magical place all four friends called home.  These four friends can also go back home after a day of finding cheese.  These four friends were in a daily routine where they woke up every morning feeling the excitement of benefiting from their efforts, they put into making home a safe and magical place to live.   This is a story about how four friends adapt to their world that is changing and still have unconditional optimism.

Stiff and Scurry kept a daily routine.  They measure and keep track of their cheese.  They took care of their magical cheese and kept it fresh so that they could enjoy eating their delicious cheese to feed and nourish their body.   They woke up every morning about the same time, imagining how much their life and future home could be. They wanted to enjoy their life.  They also walked daily to keep their body moving and happy.  Most importantly, Siff and Scurry enjoyed the hunt and the thrilled of gathering of their food. 

Hem and Haw slept in.  They took things for granted.  They didn’t take care of their bodies.  They got lazy and always expected the magical cheese to be there for them forever.  Their unrealistic notions that the magical kingdom of cheese would always grant their wish of endless cheese were wrong.    Hem and Haw were going through the stages of grief and change.  They could not admit to the problem of having no cheese and bargained with the passing thoughts of finding cheese by waiting for tomorrow, but tomorrow never came for them.  They got sad and mad.  The loop of change kept happening where it was causing much physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual pain for Hem and Haw. 

Until one day, all the cheese in the magical cheese place were gone.

Stiff and Scurry were sad, mad and had thoughts about how the cheese disappeared so quickly.  What was more important was, they accepted their situation by going out to find more magical cheese in the maze.   They were excited to search for more magical cheese, and their hope and faith as friends carry them far.

Hem and Haw reacted differently.  Hem got mad and started to resent the world and himself.  Haw was just shocked and deny it all.  Haw just wanted Hem to be happy and was willing to sacrifice himself to make his friend happy.  Haw’s communication stand is Virginia Satir’s People Pleaser. 

Hem and Haw were both alone and scared.  Haw was so scared and was living his life in fear.  His feelings of worry and overwhelmed him. 

The two friends, Hem and Haw, just sat and waited for the cheese to come to them. 

Haw always wanted to be more like Stiff and Scurry.  They got things done and felt good about themselves no matter what.  Stiff and Scurry are successful goal getters.  Hem worried that if he went out to get the magical cheese and be magic as Stiff and Scurry, that Haw may not like him.  Hem worried if Haw would like him when he changed. 

Haw started wondering about how people were changing around them and how he felt stuck.  He expressed how he got to make a change.  He started to wonder as curious as a child these questions:

  • “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”
  • “What would happen if you had the courage of a lion?”
  • Haw started to make a change, and he anxiously got out of his house to find new cheese.
  • Haw realized when you stop being afraid, you feel good about what you do. 
  • When you find your courage, it’s yours to keep by keeping taking actions to achieve.
  • Haw found the magical cheese.  He was so excited and brought some back to Hem.

Hem looked at the cheese and started to compare the cheese to the magical cheese he missed so much.  Hem’s main driver or his world view is away from pain.  He is also a nitpicker and is more comfortable in tasks and logistics.  He sorted by distinctions. 

Haw got sad and angry at Hem.  Haw started to respect Hem’s world view.  Haw accepted where Hem was at.  Since Hem was fine where he was at in his life, Haw felt that he didn’t have to force the change where Hem was ready for. 

Haw woke up every morning with the same routine with his quest for the magical cheese.  Haw kept track of his cheese and took care of them.  He kept the cheese fresh.  Haw kept his courage and felt good when he took action every day.  He was more outgoing, and he was okay. Haw kept moving forward in search of new magical cheese and found his friends, Stiff and Scurry. 

Haw, Stiff and Scurry were so happy being together like family.  With a surprise, Hem knocked on the door, Haw, Stiff and Scurry welcomed Hem home.

The four friends looked at their home and “noticed the handwriting on the wall”.

  • Changes Happen.
  • Anticipate change.
  • Monitor Change.
  • Adapt to Change Quickly.
  • Change is change.
  • Enjoy change.
  • Be ready to quickly change again and again.

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  1. Who Moved My Cheese- An Amazing Story to Change and Win for Kids by Spencer Johnson & Christian Johnson