Keep Plowing Forward!

It really doesn’t matter what you do, which discipline you chose, or what your intention.  At this point someone will go online and fight with you about it.  Someone will deceive people about your character.  Someone will tell the opposite story of what happened when they were your client.  Someone will give a review who never came to your business.  Someone who knows nothing about it will try to regulate it.  Someone will pretend their totally irrelevant delusional agenda has something to do with outcomes we actually need or real life…



Someone still needs your business service!  You have a passion for what you do and you are not going to let the new insanity wreck it!  You already had an honest assessment of yourself and character before all the digital lunacy and you are not going to cave to a simulated world when there is a real one!  You know that if effective people cave then irrelevant and fake activities win!  You are a doer not a watcher!  Snap out of any goofy reactions you have been having and begin to live your action passion!  Do it in whatever way you have to adapt, but take action… !

About the Founder

About the Founder

Building a network of referring physicians and mental health professionals. He studied eastern philosophy and martial arts all while touring as a speaker and running the clinics. You may find the experimentation and elimination of fluff from techniques and theories quite useful in your training in hypnosis or NLP with MHS.

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