Stress, Rest and Sleep Tricks To Improve Your Life

Have you ever experimented with your mind?  For instance, you can look at the clock before you go to sleep and simply decide to get up at a certain time.  Your subconscious will wake you up a few minutes before or right on the dot.  Go ahead, try it!

There are a lot of tricks like that to improve your mood, sleep and general well being.  A deep breath works because when we are stressed we tend to hold our breath unaware that we are bracing ourselves for something bad.  The very act of a shallow or held breath can put us in a mood of stress and overwhelm without anything going wrong at all.

So here are some tricks to reduce your stress, sleep deeper and improve your quality of rest.

  • Practice a quiet mind by noticing the moment you’re in rather than talking in your head.  (Look, Listen, and Feel your surroundings to silence your mind)
  • Physiology trumps Emotion!  When you want to change your mood roll your shoulders back, look up, smile big and breath in as deeply as you can.
  • Too busy in your brain to fall asleep?  Look above eye level, stare at that spot and let your eyes drift into a gaze.  As you do that slowly count back from 100 thinking “deeper and deeper relaxed” on every number.
  •   Stressed, worried or afraid?  Imagine your predicament a year in the future after it has been resolved.  Now, work back from the resolution to see the steps you need to take.
  •   Do you ruin your relaxation time or vacation by over preparing and then thinking about what everyone else wants and needs instead of just having fun?  Do you prepare yourself about your outcome.  DO NOT disrespect the people you love by assuming what they want… ask them what really matters to them and then share what matters to you.

Call for more tricks of the trade to a happier you!