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Advanced Hypnosis

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This is what certified hypnotists have to say about our program:

Chris Halbohm from Pennsylvania:

  • A workable set of skills and tools to build and grow a real business 
  • Life coaching and feedback in real time that fosters change in our personal lives 
  • Team accountability and support that is needed making things possible that are not able to be done alone 
  • Client change models based on the best of various other authors and programs from around the world

Kellie Lupe Smith from Los Angeles Ca & Mount Dora Fl

  • Expanded perception to better help myself and see what others need
  • Learned to read people
  • Feedback from trainer for personal life improvement
  • Adjust to being a successful business owner with an excellent business model rather than just doing one session at a time
  • Teamwork allows you to see skills applied in various personalities
  • Break my old patterns through confronting myself to create a better version of myself and better relationships with others
  • Stopped the fluff and time wasting activities and got to the heart of effective actions that build a business and improve personal life
  • Shook off old environments or activities that were distracting me from my real goals
  • Gave me a sense of direction and a future path that was clear
  • Built my confidence to be an effective leader and trainer
  • Built my skills for life long independence and career
  • Gave me a community and environment of support

Marion Weist from San Diego Ca.

  • Confidence to be a business person.
  • Calmly navigate all aspects of life, business, relationships, parenting.
  • How to communicate confidently my needs and wants in business and personal life. 
  • How to set correct boundaries 
  • Feedback is ok and not that I’m failing 
  • To want to manage my finances

Rose Hong Klein from Houston TX

  • Being the the right mood to manage my personal and business life 
  • Method acting and Emulating learning for correct boundaries at the office and business success 
  • Reframe my past and relationships with my parents in a much healthier and realistic manner 
  • Learning the skills to deal and manage with regressive and child like behaviors at the moment and take actions to
  • Immediately let this feeling go. 
  • Hypnosis and NLP techniques that helps my clients get their success they deserved.

Vickie Thomas from California

“Learning to manage relationships, both business and personal to a level of excellence I never expected!” 

Shannon Keyes Ciucevich from Ohio

  • Learning how to operate independently and interdependently in a group. improved relationship skills that I use in my personal and professional relationships. 
  • Learning how to spot patterns in myself and in my clients to shift them and achieve the desired outcomes. 
  • How to think inductively rather than predominantly deductively and inferred rather than simply literal. 
  • How to sort by same versus sort by distinction. How to use the correct chunk size in different situations and that small chunk sizes often is where I find the most stress. 
  • Change physiology first – always! 
  • Things are useful or unuseful rather than good or bad. 
  • How to model my behavior after someone who has achieved what I desire (real person or an actor). 
  • I am not expected to know everything when I’m born. 
  • How to set boundaries and not look to simply be liked or to placate and please others. 
  • It’s ok and fun to take feedback and learn. 
  • Learning advanced skills that enable me to assist more clients more effectively to release pattern and achieve desired outcomes. 
  • Patience with myself (this has been a tough one, and I continue to work on it) and others. 
  • Increasing my sales and income exponentially from before I started mentoring. 
  • Focusing VAK instead of other patterns or going Ad and talking to myself. 
  • Pain and illness can often manifest as a distraction under stress and I can choose my state of mind and what I choose to focus on in any situations.
  • Saying I don’t have time is a lie. I simply am prioritizing something else over what I don’t have time for and I control that.
  • You can be right or you can be happy – they tend to be mutually exclusive. Choose happy ALWAYS!
  • If you do what has succeed the way it has succeed you will get the same results. If you follow directions for a box cake and do everything as instructed, it doesn’t come out of the oven an apple pie. 
  • Forgiveness is key to freedom. Forgive yourself, your last, and anything or anyone where you feel stuck.
  • The phases of grief are the same as the phases of learning- anger, denial, bargaining, bummed out, acceptance. 
  • Start with a vision of the outcome you want and then make it happen. 
  • Suffering (physical or emotional) is a choice. Pain can be lessened by changing our focus and adding resources.
  • I can go easy on myself while I plan and take action. Only my degree of success ever needs to be measured. 
  • Success can make other people in our lives uncomfortable… do it anyway!
  • I don’t need someone to be the bad guy for me to do what I want. I don’t have to act out of spite to do for myself, I can simply DO FOR MYSELF. 
  • See one, do one, teach one. 
  • Self pity is more fattening and derailing than anything.
  • Empathy and sympathy are NOT the same thing. Empathy helps us relate and develop rapport. Sympathy can drain someone’s power (ours or others).
  • Help if a four letter word and when not requested it’s meddling. 
  • Someone else cannot make you feel anything.
  • There’s way more, but this is a start.  . Thanks for reminding me of how far I’ve come from where I started and how much more I can continue to learn.