Hypnosis By Doctors


At Hypnosis by Doctors, we’ve been changing people’s minds about hypnosis for more than 25 years. What’s more, we’ve been changing their lives! Montgomery, AL patients can’t believe how effective our clinical hypnosis services are for overcoming addiction, weight loss, pain management, anxiety and depression, and more.

stablished in 1992, Hypnosis by Doctors provides clinical hypnosis phone therapy services to patients in Montgomery, Prattville, and Millbrook, AL and across the country. We specialize in mobile and in-office hypnotherapy services and treatments for phobias, alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, smoking, weight loss, stress and anxiety, depression and pain management. With over 25 years of service and countless satisfied patients, we’re confident in our ability to help you improve your quality of life. Schedule a consultation today and learn how you can start seeing results after just one session!