Choose your speed to where you are at in life!

People become used to a certain set of skills. They also become used to a specific speed of actions in their lives. The intensity of effort also is a familiar factor. When their situation changes, perhaps they have a health issue, it becomes very difficult for them to feel good about continuing to move forward at the comfortable intensity and speed given their new circumstance.

Many people have a genuine lack of awareness that they can keep progress going in their lives at varying levels of intensity, effort, and speed. The reality Is that you don’t actually have to always give it 110%.

For many, the best zone of effort is about 70%-85% for sustained peak performance. What athletes call the zone. If a person gets more intense than that it can cause anxiety. Pressure or anxiety then causes fight, flee or freeze. If you want to keep access to all of your resources you want to be a bit more mellow than that.

When training for missions the military is making it possible to have far more risk and stimulus while feeling it is familiar. The point of that is to make panic less likely which then makes doing the actions you need to take more probable while in a very stressful environment.

As your life changes your capacity will go up and down. That is just a reality of life. If you are expecting to do nothing unless you are at peak performance you are going to be sitting around pouting a lot in situations that don’t really make that attitude necessary.

Life has setbacks. Some of them are shocking. You can adapt to your best actions in the situation at hand. Sure, sometimes rest and healing are the best option. Then eventually rehab and training become a next step.

Put forth the effort that allows you to grow into each new situation. Each new chapter is different. Let go of the idea that you are grieving youth and maximum capacity.

If you want to do your best then the most important factor is that you continue to desire to chase dreams and goals at the pace that works for you at the time.

Sometimes we have young kids so time is simply scarce. Sometimes we have surgery and recovery. Sometimes we are flush with financial resources and sometimes broke. It’s just the way of our existence. Sometimes we lose people we really don’t know how to let go of to death. Each of these situations is a normal part of a lifetime. When they take place it doesn’t seem to be part of life. Sometimes the people we want to be there for are far away. Sometimes the person through whose eyes you see yourself better is not there. Sometimes we find out we are capable of dissapointing ourselves and need to learn the lesson then get the hell over it. The surprise and sense of shock can make us lose our vision forward.

Somewhere in the concepts in the back of your mind, remember that life is thousands of stories and many dreams, not one. That the future can turn out to be positive when switching dreams, even switching who comes with on the journey.

Alone can be a positive when you see what you are learning.

No matter what happens in life accepting where you are at is the moment you can begin to move forward once again. Gently can be the best way when intense speed is not an option. We need the ability to feel just fine with the right progress for the situation in which we find ourselves.