6 Ways to Stay Positive through Change

People are stressed in a lot of areas right now. The pace of change has more speed than our nervous systems ability to keep up. Even if we stay ahead of the changes and waves, the ability to move forward, to feel progress, to believe effort is worth it requires some positive evidence in our lives.

Here are some thoughts on actions you can take.

  1. Limit screen time and make sure you are doing real life actions for kicks instead of watching stuff. Go dancing, walk, take friends out, have friends over.
  2. Talk only to and about the people who are actually present whenever possible.
  3. Don’t lose your sense of contentment because someone else is down or in fear. If you are balanced don’t get in the quick sand just because they make you feel lonely if you don’t. It’s true that they might be irked for a minute, but two down people doesn’t a happy group make.
  4. Even if complaints are accurate, if they are not followed by some type of action plan or some type of solution they have no value other than to demoralize a group. Unfortunately, some people get off on that. Focus on where you are going, alter the plan if you need to alter it.
  5. Appreciate the fact that you have running water, a fridge, a phone, the device you are reading this upon… start Passionately enjoying everything and everyone you can as much as you can.
  6. Continue to find new ways to make business and jobs work.

I am currently thinking about what could really be put in the massive vacant retail and office property in this country. I know so far people just seem to like turning them into condos. But, I think we can come up with a few cool ideas.

About the Founder

About the Founder

Building a network of referring physicians and mental health professionals. He studied eastern philosophy and martial arts all while touring as a speaker and running the clinics. You may find the experimentation and elimination of fluff from techniques and theories quite useful in your training in hypnosis or NLP with MHS.

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